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Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Kala Trust


The Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Kala Trust promotes and encourages indian classical music, dances, arts, drama, and other activities of cultural importance .

Music and dance are sensitive expressions of compassion in man. More than anything, they have contributed to the promotion and preservation of man's cultural heritage. Music (sangeet) is the elixir of life. It is not simply a part of entertainment. It is essential to develop sensitivity and compassion, the most important aspects of human life. Yoga, dance and drama also have a similar refining effect on human beings.

This trust is named in memory of Maharana Kumbha who was not only an accomplished musician but also a great authority on the subject and science of music. Maharana Kumbha was one of the greatest rulers of Mewar, and historians have compared his reign to that of Chandragupta Maurya and the golden period in India's history. He wrote an outstanding treatise on indian music titled 'Sangeetraj’. He wrote extensively both on the subject of music and other literary commentaries in Sanskrit. The Trust gives practical support and patronage to all forms of indian - classical and folk music, all forms of indian classical and folk dance, local and tribal arts and fine arts of all disciplines, drama and theatrical work.