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Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation

Aims & Objectives

The MMCF has a comprehensive programme of service to the community, with wide-reaching benefits. The aims and objectives of MMCF can be broadly divided into four areas. These are:


  • To promote quality education, ancient and modern indian languages and Vedic studies.
  • To research, conserve and promote indian architecture, all creative and performing arts, literature and culture.
  • Promotion of education and learning through establishment of schools, colleges, research institutes and libraries.

Eco Management

  • Water management, which would include digging new wells, reservoirs, dams, recycling, etc.
  • Prevention and control of air, water and noise pollution
  • Protection of trees, vegetation and wildlife
  • Promotion of the use of passive energy systems.
  • Protection and development of existing ecology and wildlife.

Philanthropic Works

  • To promote and encourage excellence in various walks of life.
  • Subscriptions and contributions to support other public charities.
  • The creation, development and maintenance of gardens, gymnasiums, physical culture centres and other means of public recreation and advancement of health and hygiene.
  • Distribution of food and clothing to the needy.
  • Development and maintenance of orphanages or houses for the poor.
  • Development and maintenance of institutions for helping poor widows.
  • Development of institutions for the alleviation of all aspects of human suffering.
  • Offering medical relief like setting up dispensaries, nursing homes, sanatoriums, asylums, distributing medicines etc.
  • To promote and encourage excellence in various walks of life.
  • To help the needy and deserving irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and sex.

Heritage Conservation and Promotion

  • The establishment of centres to encourage the understanding of indian culture.
  • The development and support of museums dedicated to preserving ancient culture, history and literature.
  • Establishment and support of libraries pertaining to indian culture.
  • To promote research pertaining to indian and other allied cultures and history.
  • To publish literature pertaining to indian culture, civilisation and history
  • Conservation and restoration of ancient and modern structures which are useful to the spread and preservation of indian culture.
  • Promotion and preservation of indian classical and folk music and dances.