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Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation

Projects & Activities

The activities of the Trust can be broadly classified under following sub-heads as its objectives:

Maharana Mewar Foundation Annual Awards

Parvarish The MMCF has made arrangements for providing pensions to the old staff members and retainers of the House of Mewar. These include guards, soldiers, office workers, priests and other such employees. Under the sub-title Parvarish, in the charter of activities, a number of persons receive charity from the Trust.

Donations These cover a diverse range of charitable expenditure. The areas can be as disparate as medical expenses to the upliftment of the poor and backward members of Mewari society. Donations have been made toward sports, astrology, educational institutes, arts, women’s promotion, cultural institutes and centres of learning etc. The activities of the MMCF are wide reaching and cover all members of society without distinction of caste or religious inclinations.

Donations have also been paid out towards research programmes, documenting the history and civilisation of Rajput culture. The Maharana Mewar Research Institute and the Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust have benefited from such proceeds. Financial assistance in the form of donations is also given for medical and other miscellaneous purposes.

Scholarships are awarded to students at every level of education, from primary school to post-graduate research scholars. In many cases, had it not been for the intervention of the trust, the individual students’ academic career would have come to a halt. Both men and women applicants are treated fairly and without bias. The numbers can range from a single scholarship granted to one student to cover their entire course of graduate studies or, to a number of students to help subsidise school fees.

The trust has also sponsored and subsidised the presentation of research papers at symposia both in India, and across the globe.

Medical Aid is an important activity of the MMCF. The common citizen of Mewar, and other precincts in Rajasthan can apply for medical benefits and assistance. The Trust disseminates funds fairly and without any prejudices. Appeals made for such medical assistance is overwhelming. The Trust has to be judicious and compassionate in its responsibilities.

So as to maximise benefits; the trust has also included a category of miscellaneous charity, which covers ground left uncovered, by the previous category. Miscellaneous charity funding is activated in special cases only, or when demand outweighs the funding available. In most cases, the people applying for assistance are nearing a life or death situation.

Along with this category, the Trust also runs a Charitable Dispensary. The dispensary, which operates all year round, aims to provide free medical counselling and medicines to the poor, who are unable to afford private medical treatment. This of course comprises a substantial part of the community. The charitable dispensary is contained within the The City Palace. Medical aid is granted in many differing situations.

The treatments can range from assistance to geriatrics to monetary reimbursement for social workers for distributing medicines to poor and disabled people in villages.

Maintenance and Expansion of the Library The Maharana Mewar Special Library was funded by the MMCF. The new Library is an unrivalled facility in the intellectual and cultural life of Udaipur City. Located within the The City Palace, below Manek Chowk, near the Maharana Mewar Public School, this new Library hopes to act as a central Library for all the educational institutions connected with the MMCF.

Maintenance of the library as well as the acquiring of new books, periodicals and journals also constitutes an important activity for the MMCF. more...

Maintenance and Preservation of Heritage Property Maintenance and Preservation of Heritage Property is also attended to by the Trust. During the month, regular expenses are incurred towards security and upkeep of Foundation properties and on preservation of Mewar culture in the form of antiques in Museums or manuscripts.

For more detailed information please visit these MMCF Documents: