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Maharana Mewar Manav Dharma Trust

Corpus Funds

Trust Funds:- The Trust received an endowment of immovable property and income there from is the only source of charitable funds for welfare and utility activities at present.

Funding Options:- The trustees on identification or finalisation of a worthy project as per plans/vision of the trust may consider exploring available funding options as per the following directions in the trust deed of MMMDT: "The Trustees shall accept donations of money or other property in any form, movable or immovable, on such terms and conditions as they may think fit, but not being inconsistent with the objects of the Trust. In case of any donation made to the Trust for any specific purpose or purposes the Trustees would be entitled to appropriate and apply the said donation for the purpose for which it will be made No donation, however, will be accepted with a condition requiring change in the name of the Trust or in the spirit of the Trust."

Spiritual Association:- Manav Dharma is all about universal humanitarian welfare and upliftment of Man. The emphasis by the founders of the trust on spiritual awakening of Man and his moral upliftment, making him responsive to the feelings and sentiments of others around him, and useful to society at large, is the guideline for future role of trust.

The trust is in essence embodying philosophical wisdom in social life and to serve the cause of Manav Dharma by transforming society-giving meaning to life and confidence to adventure.