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Maharana Mewar Manav Dharma Trust


(A Public Charitable Trust formed in 1978)

Settlor of Trust

The Trust was settled on 27th November 1978 by His late Highness Maharana Bhagwat Singhji Mewar of Udaipur as a public charitable trust by endowment of immovable property viz. urban lands as corpus of the trust.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees :- Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur

Trust Objectives:-

Mewar is, in a sense, the holy land of India and the land of learning, which has given its people stability to life, learning and culture, for centuries through the devotion and faith in Shri Parmeshwararaji Maharaj, the presiding deity of Shri Eklingji temple.

The settlor of this Trust Late Maharana Bhagwat Singhji Mewar expressed while establishing this trust that "There are millions of persons who are economically, ethically, and morally down-trodden and yearn to receive the benefit and economic aid and moral and spiritual association" and established this Public Charitable Trust in keeping with the tradition and history of his ancestors.

The objective of this Trust is to serve the cause of "Manav Dharma" by extending humanitarian services in all its forms and substance to the needy and those who lead aimless existence in the present day world of rank materialism. 'Manav Dharma' or Universal Humanitarian Services encompassing mankind at large, irrespective of caste, religion, language, sex or nationality has been from time immemorial considered as an integral part of eternal teaching of the Vedas in India.

Maharana Mewar Manav Dharma Trust is an effort by the descendants of the House of Bapa Rawal, and representative of the institution of 'Maharana', which has an unbroken history, and tradition of service to the people for over 1400 years to serve the cause of "Manav Dharma."