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Mewar Sabha Shiromani


Mewar Sabha Shiromani will provide opportunities to foster and develop relationships through this voluntary association.

  • For the invitees: An exclusive opportunity to once again connects to Mewar in the 21st century and to support its value-system that upholds welfare of all humanity.

    Mewar Sabha Shiromani activities will meaningfully ‘unite and bind’ the People and Friends of Mewar who will be addressed as ‘Kul Gaurav’.

    It will mutually enrich the association through voluntary service and endeavours for community development.

    Invitees will establish contacts within a global network of like-minded members of their extended family while at the same time sharing a common heritage.
  • For Udaipur and Mewar region: Multiplier effects of developmental projects would be positively felt in Udaipur and Mewar region.

    Projects related to heritage management, tourism, environment management, education, healthcare and infrastructure will benefit from the voluntary involvement of the people and Friends of Mewar through Mewar Sabha Shiromani.
  • For Rajasthan and India: Mewar Sabha Shiromani will be positioned to plan and execute projects of state and national importance : Benefits of such developmental projects would be felt across the state and country

    It will be a matter of pride and honour for Mewar Sabha Shiromani to bring such projects that will enhance the quality of life of millions of people across India and overseas.