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Mewar Sabha Shiromani

Becoming a Part of Mewar Sabha Shiromani

The People and Friends of Mewar will be invited exclusively by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur, the Chairman and Managing Trustee of the MMCF to ‘voluntarily serve’ on the related forum. The forum is being created with a focus to provide meaningful meeting grounds for the ‘Kul Gaurav’ who will get an opportunity: -

To strengthen and renew their material, emotional and spiritual bonds with Mewar, thus reinforcing their identities and heritage for themselves and their future generations; To be apprised of developmental activities in the Mewar region where their participation and contribution would be welcomed on voluntary basis.

To optimise on the above opportunities, the invitees will be voluntarily providing information about personal details / family history / interests / travel / future plans.

This information could be shared in the forums, for the benefit of the invitees and the forums of Mewar Sabha Shiromani. All invitees will ensure that the information provided is accurate. Their ‘association’ will be recognised by the MMCF in a befitting manner.

Invitees cannot claim any right or reward simply based on their voluntary association with the MMCF through the forums created for Mewar Sabha Shiromani. Nor can they ‘demand’ forums for their personal agendas, nor indulge in any lobbying that would damage the reputation and credibility of the MMCF or its affiliated bodies.

The MMCF has the sole discretion to ‘extend’ the invitation to selected people in India and overseas. The Screening Committee will process the information received. Decision of Screening Committee will be final and binding i.e. it cannot be challenged in any court of law by or on those invited.

The MMCF will establish a professionally managed Secretariat governed by a Secretary General that will coordinate all the initiatives of Mewar Sabha Shiromani for the benefit of the invitees and the forum.