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From the Courts of Mewar

Maharana Sajjan Singh

Maharana Sajjan Singh (1874-1884) had a remarkable artistic flair. He was a poet and had profound knowledge of poetics. Many verses in the form of dohas, sorathas, kavitas, sawaiyas etc. were composed by him. The Maharana's knowledge and devotion to music and poetry are found in his compositions 'Shri Eklingji Stuti' and the padas of Viraah Dasha all of which were set to music.

The Maharana was a versatile musician and composed music in the styles of khayal, thumri, folk music and ghazals under the musically assumed names - Rasik Snehi and Sajjan Snehi. He composed raagas Todi, Malkauns, Des, Gand Malhar, Bhairavi, Asavari, Khamaj, Allaiya Bilawal, Paraz, Kalingda, Yaman, Kafi, Bageshwati and Behag. His compositions depicted the abundant cultural heritage and traditions of Mewar. Maharana Sajjan Singh introduced and patronised the Dhrupad tradition of the Dagar Gharana. Ustad Zakhruddin Khan (1840-1923) and Ustad Allahbande Khan (1845-1927) were appointed as singers in the royal courts of Mewar during his reign.

The House of Mewar today continues with this legacy and patronage of the Dagar family in their uninterrupted association with Mewar.