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Ancestry of the House of Mewar

Shakti Kumar - Padam Singh (20 - 38) 977 A.D. - 1213 A.D.

20. Shakti Kumar
977 A.D. - 993 A.D.
Sadeventji (*Khergarh Marwar)
Sejakji (*Bhavnagar)
Ranaji Sarangji (*Lathi)
Shahji (*Palitana)
Doongarji Samarsinghji (* Rajpeepla)
Bhavj Veesaji (*Bara Vallabhipur )
The jagirs or estates of Khergarh Marwar, Bhavnagar, Lathi, Palitana, Rajpipla, Bara Vallabhipur are formed in the reign of Shakti Kumar.

As the new estates pledge their undying loyalty to the Suryavanshi King in times of peace and war, a new social order is born out of this intense kinship.

The word of honour, the oath of loyalty and military obligations become more significant than ever before.

War increasingly becomes a grand pageant and death on the battlefield is the highest possible honour.

The King, as the fountainhead of Kshatriya values, is keeping alive the eternal moral code emanating from the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The Aitpur inscriptions and Jain manuscripts credit Shakti Kumar and his descendants with upholding the ideals and values cherished by Bapa Rawal and the founders of the dynasty of Guhilot Kings of Mewar.
21. Amba Prasad
993 A.D. - 1007 A.D.
22. Suchi Verma
1007 A.D. - 1021 A.D.
23. Narverma
1021 A.D. - 1035 A.D.
24. Kirti Verma
1035 A.D. - 1051 A.D.
25. Yograj
1051 A.D. - 1068 A.D.
26. Bairath
1068 A.D. - 1088 A.D.
27. Hanspal
1088 A.D. - 1103 A.D.
28. Vair Singh
1103 A.D. - 1107 A.D.
29. Vijai Singh
1107 A.D. - 1127 A.D.
30. Ari Singh
1127 A.D. - 1138 A.D.
31. Chaudh Singh
1138 A.D. - 1148 A.D.
32. Vikram Singh
1148 A.D. - 1158 A.D.
33. Run Singh
1158 A.D. - 1168 A.D.
34. Khshem Singh
1168 A.D. - 1172 A.D. Mahap
"Mewar…a wave of iron in the path of Delhi," eulogises Chund Bardai in Prithivirajraso, as Khshem Singh joins forces together with Prithiviraj Chouhan. Their common enemy is Muhammad Ghuri who is soundly defeated by the united Rajput forces in the First Battle of Tar'ain near Delhi. But in the Second Battle of Tar'ain, the "heroes of Delhi and Chittor are asleep on the banks of the Caggar in the wave of steel."
35. Samant Singh
1172 A.D. - 1179 A.D.
36. Kumar Singh
1179 A.D. - 1191 A.D.
37. Manthan Singh
1191 A.D. - 1211 A.D.
38. Padam Singh
1211 A.D. - 1213 A.D.