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Mewar Encyclopedia


The lineage of Mewar traces the origin of the Mewar Dynasty from Surya (The Sun God). As one of the oldest serving dynasties, it traces its roots to Guhil (Guhaditya) in A.D. ca.569. Historically speaking the ancestry of the House of Mewar originates from the great warrior, Bappa Rawal, who was entrusted with the right to administer and function as Trustee of the State of Mewar by his Guru, Harit Rashi in 734 CE. The centuries, which passed from then on, have seen many turbulent years of defensive struggle in the battlefield to protect the honour os the State of Mewar by successive rulers.

I must compliment Mr. Ian Austin and Thakur Nahar Singh Jasol on their courage to undertake the enormous task of putting together the facts and figures on this long and most cherished history of the House of Mewar. The Mewar Encyclopedia is indeed the most authentic information finder on the history of the Mewar Dynasty.

Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur
Udaipur, January 2001