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Focus Areas


"Continuing the 15th century patronage established by Rana Kumbha when the Mewar court became a flourishing centre for both performing and visual arts"

Past & Present


Museums (since 1969):
The City Palace Museum, Udaipur that houses invaluable artefacts of Mewari history and culture is functioning as a museum since 1969. Besides this, the Crystal Gallery with the most unique collections of Osler crystals in the world; the Flora Danica collection and The Vintage & Classic Car Collection are other Museum Galleries of Eternal Mewar.
Organisations: MMCF and LPHM Pvt. Ltd.


Literature Projects (2000-2007):
Several books on Mewar history and culture have been commissioned. Primarily in Rajasthani, they cover diverse topics. Posters depicting salient features of history and culture of Mewar are also published. A set of six postcards from the British period lithographs was published recently.
Organisations: MMCF and MMHPT



Restoration of Artefacts (2000-2008):
Several museum artefacts and displays such as the Palkis in the Zenana Mahal, the Ganesha painting at the entrance of Zenana Mahal, ivory doors in Bhim Vilas etc. have been carefully restored by engaging restoration experts and traditional artisans with the requisite knowhow.
Organisation: MMCF

Music - Analog tape restoration (1999-2000):
Conversion of 286 old spools into 96 dat tapes and then into CD’s consisting of Dagar Brother’s Dhrupad in Raga Miya ki Malhar, Megh, Kafi ki Hori, Bageshree, Puriya, Pilu and Rajwari Geet. Six CD’s and seven cassettes are launched as ‘The Royal Collection of Mewar’.
Organisation: MKSKT


Watercolour Journey Around the World to Rajasthan. (31st 2005 to 4th January 2006):
Forty four water colour paintings by Dr. Hiroshi Shimazaki, a Japanese Canadian Professor were exhibited at Sabha Shiromani ka Darikhana in the City Palace Museum.
Organisation: MMCF



Jagriti at Jagmandir - an exhibition at the Palace on an island in Lake Pichola ? (2000; 2008):
Jagriti is a ‘heritage exhibition onsite’ with thematic galleries showcasing history and lifestyle at Jagmandir. Equipped with the most advanced exhibition techniques, lighting systems and interactive exhibits, this exhibition is being redesigned in 2008 and partly derives its contents from the earlier multilayered research undertaken as part of 'The City within a City' project in 2001-02
Organisation: LPHM Pvt. Ltd. and MMCF


Long Exposure:The Camera at Udaipur ,1857-1957(selection from the Pictorial Archives of the Maharana of Mewar):
The First Photography Exhibition was launched at Bhagwat Prakash Gallery,The Zenana Mahal in March 2009.
Organisation: MMCF



Conferences & Workshops (2006 - 08)

Theme Year Collaborators Targeted Groups
Indian Classical Music and Mewar 23rd March, 2006 MKSKT with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India To understand and underline the tradition of Indian Classical Music in Mewar region.
Rang - A four days, Arts and Crafts bazzar with the regal festival of Holika Dahan Diverse Mediums, Collective Voice - A 15 days artisans workshop March 2007, March 2008 MMCF with local artisans and craftspersons Aims to encourage diversity of cultural products offered to the Udaipur tourist; nurture Udaipur creative economy; and promote the cause of local folk arts and crafts as a sustainable tourism activity.
Yugdhara Poetry recitation at Sabha Shiromani ka Darikhana Monthly MMCF Local residents




Photo Archives - Cataloguing, Preservation and Exhibition

The project aims at documenting, preserving and presenting from a selection of about 14,500 photographs and 1100 glass negatives dating to late 19th and early 20th century from the royal family collection. The first Photography Exhibition is scheduled to be launched in March 2009.

Manuscripts and Maps - Maharana Mewar Research Institute

Several manuscripts, Bahidas (daily records of the Maharanas) dating since 18th century and invaluable maps from the 19th and early 20th centuries will be catalogued, digitized, preserved and made available for research work.

Documentation of Bhajans (Temple songs)

Shree Eklingji Trust with assistance form the Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Kala Trust plans to document all Bhajans whose lyrics are now only known to a few surviving artists of Mewar.

Activities & Events

We continuously engage in activities, events and workshops for the promotion, awareness and preservation of the built heritage. The annual calendar for such events is based on a dialogue with the partner organisations and institutions.


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