Historical Synopsis

Guhil founded the State of Mewar in 568 AD, and his descendants have ruled over the area ever since. Separated from the rest of India by mountains and dense forests, Mewar developed the spirit of iron discipline and stoic resolve, which was to become its most salient feature and to arm its determined resistance.

he House of Mewar was founded upon principles of trusteeship, which are its underlying structure and strength. According to history, in the 8th century, the founder father of the House of Mewar,Bapa Rawal was appointed initiated and confirmed in his role by a Guru, Harit Rishi, who laid down cardinal rules for the governance of the state, through the concept of service. Harit Rashi's tenets were based upon respect for mankind, service to the community, and more importantly, adherence to and maintenance of the ancient Vedic culture.
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