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1930 Ford

Brief History

Having dominated the market for years, by 1925 Ford sales and production were going steadily downhill as a number of customers grew dissatisfied with the outdated engineering systems and design of their model, FORD T. This was in marked contrast to Chevrolet whose sales were increasing. The turning point came in December 1927 when Ford introduced the Model A, which featured new design and engineering concepts and was to be one of their greatest achievements. By the end of 1931 they had produced more than five million cars and even today, Ford Model A is one of the most collectable cars in the world. It is estimated that 500,000 Model A cars exist in private hands.

The House of Mewar acquired the Ford A, 70 years ago as its first owner. Its registration number is RJY-68.

About the Restoration

When restoration work started on the Model A, the Standard Phaeton, the car looked like a dilapidated shell with only chassis and engine. Restoration was to present a formidable challenge to those involved. All work carried out has been done in accordance with the original Ford A Restorer’s Guide. The entire body was removed from the Chassis (frame) before each piece of the bodywork was thoroughly checked for any damage, which was then repaired. The actual frame was also checked and sprayed with primer before being painted black. The entire body of the car was scrubbed before being painted. This required hand painting on each piece with original Milano red colour and black on the lower body.

Work was then undertaken on all the mechanical parts starting with the engine. The second stage involved detailed attention to the transmission, the steering box, the four hubs and a complete new wiring system. After reassembling the parts, the meticulous task of restoring the interior of the car was carried out. The leather car seats, door panels, folding top and side curtains were trimmed with black. Other original accessories were obtained by special order from the U.S.A to complement the age of the car. These included a flying quail, trunk and white wall tires, wing mirrors and stone guard. Work on the car has taken four years to complete and involved six mechanics in the specialised workshop of The Vintage & Classic Car Collection. Finally, the Model A, the Standard Phaeton has been restored to its former magnificence.

Model 1930
Engine 4 Cylinder "L Head" 40 hp
Transmission 3+1 Speed (Manual)
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