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A Pair of 1938/39 Cadillacs

Brief History

In 1914 the first American water-cooled V8 Engine designed by Henry Leland was employed by Cadillac Co. and put into production. It was a successful maneuver. Cadillac Car USA was also the first to use synchromesh gearboxes.

By all standards used for judging and evaluating a fine motor car – such as beauty, performance, luxury and distinction, the Cadillac has long been recognised as the standard. These cars are exceptional in their dependability and relative freedom from servicing needs. Technically, the Cadillac is still considered as the finest American luxury car.

The House of Mewar was amongst the first to own a pair of Cadillacs – the Convertible and the Saloon. The Cadillac Convertible is still in operation. It is used by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur for important functions such as regal ceremonies and festivals like Ashwa Pooja, Dussehra and Holika Dahan. The Cadillac Saloon on the other hand, is used by the Maharani as her personal car.

The Cadillac Convertible has a very full history. It was the car in action during the visits at Udaipur of Her Majesty the Queen of England in January 1960, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy in 1963 and His Majesty, the Shah of Iran in 1968.

Model 1938
SERIES 8290001 AND UP – Cadillac (King RJY 14)
(Identification Nos) 3290001 AND UP – Cadillac (Queen RJY 15)
Type of Engine 1946
Bore of Stroke 3 ½ x 4 ½ in.
Piston Displacement 346 cubic in.
Taxable Horse Power 39.2
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