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Classic Cars

1946 Buick
Inventor David Dunbar Buick saw his first motor car around the turn of the century and remained obsessed with cars all his life. He was to eventually form a partnership with William C. Durrant.
A Pair of 1938/39 Cadillacs
In 1914 the first American water-cooled V8 Engine designed by Henry Leland was employed by Cadillac Co. and put into production. It was a successful maneuver.
1930 Ford
Having dominated the market for years, by 1925 Ford sales and production were going steadily downhill as a number of customers grew dissatisfied with the outdated engineering systems and design of their model, FORD T.
M.G. TC 1946
After the war, Morris resumed car production in 1945 but concentrated their efforts on the new MG-TC which was a single two-seater car powered with 1250 c.c. four cylinder engine with twin S.U. carburetor.
1959 Morris - Minor 1000 (Traveller)
The Morris Minor was designed by Sir Alex Issigonis who later became famous for his creation of the Mini. Although it was designed for the mass market, production only ever reached 1.2 million between 1948 and 1971 when manufacturing stopped.
1924 Rolls Royce
Between 1908 and 1940 the Rolls - Royce car was made in their Derby factory where the car itself was designed by Royce.
1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II
One hundred years ago, in 1904, a motor car enthusiast Charles Rolls and a well known engineer named Henry Royce met at the Midland hotel in Manchester, England.
Vauxhall 12
The House of Mewar is the first owner of the Vauxhall 12 (Deluxe). This car has an engine that runs with four cylinders, a Delco electric system, dry plate clutch and four speed transmission.
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