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1946 Buick

Brief History

Inventor David Dunbar Buick saw his first motor car around the turn of the century and remained obsessed with cars all his life. He was to eventually form a partnership with William C. Durrant. They founded a company that later became General Motors Corporation of America, one of the most successful car-making empires in the world. Over 17,000,000 cars bearing the Buick name and crest have rolled off production lines.

Buick built his first engine in 1901 and followed in with an overhead value version in 1902 with a better engine. By 1903 there was a demand for cars and the Buick Motor Company started production. The series 40 was introduced in 1936 when car sales were escalating rapidly and it went on to become the best selling car in the U.S.A. In 1939 Buick were the first to replace the Semaphore arms with the flashing indicator.

In the post war years there was a demand for luxury products and Buick Super was launched. With its shining chrome interior it was known as ‘Jaws’. The Buick super four-door sedan with its superior technical than features became more popular than the already fashionable Ford.

A 1946 Buick (RJY-19) can be seen in The Palace Udaipur The Vintage & Classic Car Collection.

Buick Eight Super
Registration No. RJY-19
Model 1946
Engine Straight 8
BHP 144
Transmission 3+1 Manual
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