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Mewar Sabha Shiromani

The secretariat

The general superintendence, direction and control of affairs of Mewar Sabha Shiromani will rest with the Board of Trustees of the MMCF and the Mewar Sabha Shiromani Secretariat, specially formed, will manage the day-to-day functioning. The Board of Trustees of the MMCF shall exercise all duties, powers, functions and rights relating to the carrying out of the objectives of Mewar Sabha Shiromani.

The Board of Trustees of the MMCF is presently headed by: Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur: Chairman and Managing Trustee, MMCF.

The Board of Trustees of the MMCF shall:

  • Finalise and approve plans and programmes of the forums.
  • Receive contributions and have the custody of funds and material aid provided by the invitees and maintain transparency in all its dealings.
  • Work towards continuous growth and successful consolidation of the forums, in the mutual interest of the MMCF and the invitees.
  • Provide for a professional management of the Secretariat that will enable the successful completion of the plans and programmes.
  • Cooperate and Collaboration with any other like-minded organisations or individuals for achieving the objectives of the MMCF.
  • Set up relevant Committees (like the Screening Committee and/or Review Committee)

Mewar Sabha Shiromani Secretariat will:

  • Implement plans and programmes of the forums in line with the MMCF objectives.
  • Serve as a one-point contact for the invitees and the MMCF, serving as the Executive Committee for Mewar Sabha Shiromani.
  • Maintain and continuously develop two-way communication channels with the invitees.
  • Collate and present suggestions, ideas and concepts of the invitees to the MMCF and within the forums of Mewar Sabha Shiromani.
  • Adhere to a high degree of professionalism and work ethics in all its activities, while safeguarding interest of invitees and the MMCF alike.
  • Maintain all records pertaining to Mewar Sabha Shiromani and the meetings of forums and ensure a conflict-free environment for Mewar Sabha Shiromani to achieve its objectives.
  • Professionally handle any other work assigned.